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Finely engraved frontispiece to William Morris’s ‘News from nowhere’ (the Kelmscott Press edition), a work which combined his socialist utopian ideals with science fiction.

William Morris,

News from nowhere, or, An epoch of rest : being some chapters from a Utopian romance.

Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1892, Alexander Turnbull Library, RPr KELM MORR 1892


“Observations sur les Couleurs Newtonienne” from Gautier Dagoty, 1717-1785. Observations sur l’Histoire Naturelle, sur la physique et sur la peinture, 1752.

Typ 715.52.630

Houghton Library, Harvard University


Medieval pop-up book

This book was printed in 1482, when printing was just invented – by Johannes Gutenberg, c. 1455. It is remarkable what printers were able to do after two decades of experimenting with the new medium. As this image shows, they were able to produce a book that showed the movement of the moon with the help of cut-out “paper wheels”, which hovered in front of the page. You can just imagine how the printer who designed and produced this 3D page must have felt, over 550 years ago. What a thrill it must have been to produce one of the first pop-up books in the western world.

Glasgow, University Library, Sp.Coll. BD7-f.13 (incunabulum printed in Venice, 1482), taken from the library’s Flickr page.

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