Andy Goldsworthy throwing sticks


THE DAILY PIC (#1422): I was blown away when I saw these almost unknown early photos of Andy Goldsworthy at work. They are in his solo show now at Galerie Lelong in New York, in a side room hung with all kinds of rare documentation of Goldsworthy’s first interactions with nature, which have a wonderfully raw, exploratory energy. I’m particularly fond of how these photos of his Hazel Stick Throws (there are another seven shots) capture Goldsworthy’s energetic toss, while making the sticks themselves look like a drawn abstraction at rest on the photo’s surface. That contrast foreshadows the tension Goldsworthy has always achieved between his work as performance and object. His hazel throw feels like a more Romantic, British-inflected version of John Baldessari’s great ball toss.

(Image copyright Andy Goldsworthy, courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York)

When I saw these on my tiny iPhone screen they originally attracted my attention because it looked like the negatives had been scratched 🙂

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