Brendan, I grew up in a very conservative religious home and many of the people I love the most can still be described as very religious and very conservative. I think your views on this issue are wrong, and that your actions have done harm, but I can no more caricature you as a terrible person driven by homophobia and hatred than I can break off relations with my cherished family members because they take actions similar to yours.

If you stay on as CEO, I look forward to seeing you act with the clearly demonstrated commitment to equality that your posts have affirmed.

And more personally, whatever it is that makes you feel that the institution of marriage is threatened by the desire for equal legal rights of people like me, I hope that sense of threat eventually lessens. I don’t wish this for myself—the tide of our culture is already turning and I do believe that history is bending toward justice. I hope it for you and for your family, sincerely and with love.

Now I’m going to get to work.

Thinking About Mozilla | Erin Kissane. I think this post is an absolutely wonderful illustration of how to take politics seriously — very seriously — without allowing it to trump all other considerations, especially the considerations of charity and respect. Please read the whole post, which shows how hard-earned Erin’s position is.