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In October I’ll be leading a retreat at Laity Lodge with my friend Jessica Martin, who is a priest in the Church of England and one of the most gifted writers and thinkers I know. Now, Jessica has no discernible ego, so she has not made a website that announces all the great things she does. So I thought I would make a page that links to at least some of her work. 

Her page at Ely Cathedral, where she is a Residentiary Canon. 

Her remarkable book Holiness and Desire.

An extended interview at the Extra Ecclesiam YouTube channel.

An interview with her about the Bampton Lectures she delivered last year at Oxford University. Theme: Four-Dimensional Eucharist. And the lectures themselves: 

Her essays from some years ago on Paradise Lost — and other things — these were my introduction to her and her work.  

Links to her sermons and other writings on this here blog.