Once, years ago, I was driving around somewhere in Chicagoland and (as was my wont) listening to WXRT, the best radio station in America, when they played a Koko Taylor song. Afterwards, the DJ — I think it was Lin Brehmer — remembered that when Stevie Ray Vaughan died in 1990 he was tasked with getting some reflections on the great bluesman from other musicians. He had a list of names and numbers, and at the top of the list was Keith Richards — or rather, Keith Richards’s assistant. So he called the number and was told that Mr. Richards’s assistant wasn’t available and was unlikely to become available. Brehmer couldn’t get past the assistant to the assistant.

So he sighed and called the next number on the list: Koko Taylor. Phone rings; a man’s voice, maybe a young man, answers: “Hello.”

“Um … I’m hoping to speak to Koko Taylor.”

“Hang on a second … MOM!!”