There’s no pressing need for me to write about this, I guess, save that blogging is most often a means of expressing frustration or unhappiness or outrage and it is not often that we – that is, people who generally write about politics or culture – pause to reflect on the greater issues, far less note how often humanity or decency prevails in even the direst personal circumstances.

Alex Massie, writing about what I just wrote about. Maybe there is, after all, a pressing need to note such events, such people — I certainly don’t do it often enough.

And the provision of perspective helps everyone, I think. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, it has been sweet to see Andrew Sullivan, with whom Rod has had some fierce debates over the years, acknowledging Rod’s loss so kindly. Let’s have more of these acknowledgements of one another’s often-broken humanity, without the provocation of something as dramatic and grievous as a death in the family.