Stagger onward rejoicing

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Let’s be clear about the meaning of this silly practice of hosting international matches in cold-weather cities: U.S. Soccer is afraid that our lads can’t beat any of those countries in warm-weather cities, where in any case the opponents would have more fans in the stadium than the U.S. would. Playing outside the Land of Frozen Tundra is a risk the bosses dare not take, and that fearfulness tells us just how far the side is from living up to its talent — and also gives a very good indication of why the USMNT so consistently underperforms. The current management, from top to bottom, needs to go.  


About to watch the USMNT v. El Salvador, and having a thought: When you watch a well-managed team, you can easily see what the team is trying to do, how they’re trying to play. This is true for very successful teams (Liverpool) and intermittently successful teams (Leeds) and struggling teams (Burnley). Half an hour of close observation is enough to show you what the plan is. 

Since Gregg Berhalter took over the USMNT, I have watched every competitive match, and I have no idea what he wants the team to do, how he wants them to play. They may win, lose, or draw tonight but I doubt that I will be able to figure out what the plan is.