a bit of housekeeping

I’ve moved a few links from the sidebar to the About page, for neatness’ sake. And I’ve added to that sidebar a link to my Pinboard page, where I record and organize my online reading. I love Pinboard more than I can say, and I post there all the time — my site there is probably way more interesting than this blog, largely because it features the words of other people, not me.

Sometimes I struggle to decide whether I’m going to post a quotation from a story here or there, so, in the spirit of further streamlining of my online life (see note below), from now on I’m going to try to post all quotations there, and leave this largely for my own thoughts, plus the occasional image. I’ll post links to some of the more generally interesting quotations to Twitter also, but if you want to get everything, Pinboard has an RSS feed.

There, that should do it. Oh, and about that streamlining: