a message I just wrote to Dropbox

Just a few days ago I upgraded my Dropbox account and added additional files and folders to the Dropbox folder. Since then no syncing has actually taken place: instead I have been stuck at the “downloading file list” stage.

I have

  • quit and restarted Dropbox
  • unlinked the computer and then re-linked it
  • deleted and then reinstalled the Dropbox app

Nothing has worked, though the Dropbox app continually uses more than 100% CPU, overheating my computer and making other tasks much more difficult.

I am not willing (nor should I be expected) to spend any more time with this. Please refund my money and take me back to a free account.

Let me be clear: please do not give me recommendations of what to try to fix the problem. I have done everything that can be done, following the instructions on your website. A refund is the only acceptable answer to this message.

Thanks very much —

Alan J

UPDATE: A prompt reply from Dropbox: “Although our pricing terms state that we cannot provide refunds, we were able to make an exception in this case.”