all the productivity guidance I got

I have very little time for the productivity cult, and think it especially injurious to the craft of writing — for several reasons, including those named by the late Jenny Diski here; but I do care about doing good work, and completing the work I have agreed to do. Especially when it comes to writing, I have two principles, and two only, that I follow. 

I pay myself first. That is, if I need to get writing done then writing will be my first task of the day. If I try to get all the other stuff done before turning to writing, I’m usually too tired to write much or well. 

When I work I work and when I play I play. When I’m writing I deny myself access to email, to social media, to fun internet sites. I don’t write a hundred words and then reward myself by watching a YouTube clip or arguing with strangers on Twitter. I just write until I have to do something else or am too worn out to write any more. 

That’s it. That’s all the productivity advice I got. 

January 28, 2019

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