Takefumi Aida 

’ It’s impossible to make architecture move, although i’d like to’ T. Aida

Aida started with ‘silence’ in earlier seventies, toying with ‘playfulness’ metaphor for a series of residential projects structured from images of child’s building blocks. But

from mid-eighties onwards, he purposes a system of architectural ordering _ fluctuation_ applying this on its metaphorical usage more than in its physics terms.

Moving from the theory of fluctuation to fluctuating architecture Aida manages the perception of movement created by people’s passage through his work with a carefully controled sequence of unfolding views that the visitors generate as they move.

He has applied this concept of (yuragi) ‘fluctuation’ to civic spaces, mixed-used architectures and to one of Tokyo’s modern sacred sites, theTokyo Memorial Park as you can see on images above.

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