Engraved frontispiece from 2nd Edition of John Bulwer’s:

Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transform’d, or the Artificial Changeling. Historically presented, in the mad and cruel Gallantry, foolish Bravery, ridiculous Beauty, filthy Fineness, and loathesome Loveliness of most Nations, fashioning & altering their Bodies from the Mould intended by Nature. With a Vindication of the Regular Beauty and Honesty of Nature, and an Appendix of the Pedigree of the English Gallant’ 

Sangbleu: “Anthropometamorphosis literally means ‘humanity-changing’ and this exceptional book is thought to be one of the first studies in comparative cultural anthropology. Published in 1653 the book heavy emphasises on looking at how humans around the world were modifying their bodies in the then present and past. [..]

The author John Bulwer^ is best known for pioneering and practicing the importance of educating deaf people following the outbreak of the English Civil War but he also wrote this fascinating book thought to be one of the first books ever dedicated to body modification.”

Image source – above image spliced together from screenshots.