Earnest, Serious, Genuine Questions for People Who Support Brendan Eich’s Ouster from Mozilla

If Brendan Eich’s support for California’s Proposition 8 makes him unsuitable to be the CEO of Mozilla …

Would you allow him to hold a VP position there?

How about a managerial position?

Would you boycott a local coffee shop if he owned or managed it?

What about a bank?

In general, what positions should proponents of Proposition 8 be debarred from, and in what industries?

If you agree with the position taken by the leadership of OKCupid — who wrote on their website, in reference to Eich and to anyone else who opposes gay marriage, “Those who seek to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame, and frustration are our enemies, and we wish them nothing but failure” — what degree of failure would be appropriate? Would unemployment be sufficient? Or does justice demand a more severe retribution?

What other widely held views — Proposition 8 passed, which means that by definition Eich’s stance is neither marginal nor extremist — disqualify a person from leading an organization? For example:

If it had become known that Brendan Eich believed that abortion should be illegal and had given money to pro-life organizations, would that have been grounds for dismissing him? If not, why not?

If Brendan Eich had said that he did not think insurance companies should have to cover sex reassignment surgery, would that have been grounds for dismissing him? If not, why not?

And finally, how far into a person’s past do you think it appropriate to look for evidence of heterodox opinions? Eich gave money to support Proposition 8 six years ago, but what if he had given money to a similar cause twelve years ago — would you still demand that he be fired or at least issue a formal apology for holding wrong views? In short, is there a statute of limitations on accountability for error?