Now, this is comical, though in a sad sort of way. The post is based on the Moral Foundations Theory Framework, which posits that there are several categories that people employ when engaged in moral evaluations (Care/harm, fairness/cheating, loyalty/betrayal, authority/subversion, purity/degradation). The authors of the post, Kate Johnson and Joe Hoover, note that “liberals tend to primarily endorse upholding the virtues of fairness and care, while conservatives endorse all five of the foundations, including loyalty, authority and purity.” This leads to social and political conflicts, which Johnson and Hoover want to find a way to ease.

And they do find a way! It’s so simple: “Perhaps by focusing on values we all share, such as care and fairness, and avoiding the purity rhetoric that divides us, we may be able to communicate our needs with the other side to work toward a common goal.” See? Our wounds will be healed if conservatives just stop thinking like conservatives and instead think like liberals. Just eliminate those pesky moral foundations than distinguish You from Us and everyone will be happier.

Such an obvious solution, it’s a wonder no one thought of it before.