excerpt from discussions on the Twitter HQ Slack channel

A: We’re still getting hammered in the press — well, everywhere really — for all the abuse some of our users take. Do we have any new ideas about how to fix that?

B. I’ve got this idea for adding a kind of news feed, we can call it … hang on … yeah, let’s call it “Moments”

A. “Moments”?

B. Right. “Moments”

A. And this will help us deal with the abuse problem how?

B. If we put it where the Notifications tab used to be people will click on it like all. the. time

A. Okay, but …

C. You know this “140 character” thing has been an albatross around our necks for EVER

A. Hang on, can we get back to the issue I was raising?

C. I mean, *one hundred and forty*? Why not, like, TEN THOUSAND




E. We’re totally doing this