Frankly, the quality of safety provision for students at Hogwarts is totally unacceptable. Despite having a highly qualified, capable and over-worked school nurse, many severe and significant injuries have occured in recent years. The main sport played by the school, entirely internally, is incredibly dangerous and should be reviewed by the HSE immediately. Several injuries from wildlife have occured in recent months, with trees and large flying animals usually to blame – these hazards are not successfully monitored or kept safe by any member of staff other than the groundsman. This kind of Health and Safety brief is not usually in the remit of a groundskeeper, and it is our recommendation that more staff are drafted in to help with this task. There have been several deaths in recent years, all on site. The recent loss of the previous headteacher was a severe blow to the school’s reputation, and many parents have removed their children from the premises. The headmaster’s death went entirely unexplained, though rumours that a pupil murdered him are almost certainly hyperbole. The death of a Year 12 student during an international competition was also kept from the newspapers, and the effects are still being felt across the school. This summer, the school was disrupted by riots and pitched battles between rival sectors of the community. Whether the school was an incidental victim of this outburst of aggression, or an active part of it, is unknown to the inspectors. Siginificant damage was wreaked on the school buildings, with certain wings now closed for repairs. In short, at present Hogwarts is a very unsafe environment for all students and staff.