Hanif Kureishi on Matthew Evans

Matthew was a charismatic man who could lead without being bossy and was ruthless without cruelty. He had glamour, charm and class. Careless and virtuous, he knew how to behave with everyone. He loved restaurants, booze, gossip, fast cars, good talk, politics and filth. He was louche, moody, good-looking and he wore fine shoes and suits, and with a fetching naivety was always keen to open his jacket and show you the label. He played cricket and was sexy like a movie star, with a shy side and great body, which is something you won’t hear said about many publishers. People in the office, and all over London, were in love with him, and wanted to sleep with him, though some of them were disappointed.

Hanif Kureishi. Everything about this memorial is wonderful, but “some of them were disappointed” is writerly perfection.