Have you ever noticed that while small businesses wish they were bigger, big businesses dream about being more agile and flexible? And remember, once you get big, it’s really hard to shrink without firing people, damaging morale, and changing the entire way you do business. Ramping up doesn’t have to be your goal. And we’re not talking just about the number of employees you have either. It’s also true for expenses, rent, IT infrastructure, furniture, etc. These things don’t just happen to you. You decide whether or not to take them on. And if you do take them on, you’ll be taking on new headaches, too. Lock in lots of expenses and you force yourself into building a complex businesss—one that’s a lot more difficult and stressful to run. Don’t be insecure about aiming to be a small business. Anyone who runs a business that’s sustainable and profitable, whether it’s big or small, should be proud.

The 37signals crew, via Reihan.

Faithful readers will know what a huge fan I am of Hot Doug’s, which consists of one small store open for about six hours a day and often closed on holiday weekends. My friend John Wilson was in Hot Doug’s once when a customer started berating Doug for failing to (a) make his restaurant bigger, (b) stay open longer, and © open at new locations. Doug just smiled and shrugged and said, “I like having a life. I like being able to spend time with my kids. I’m doing just fine.”

The world needs more people like Doug.