Hollis said more than 13,000 students bought season tickets to this year’s home games. Their corner of the stadium never filled Saturday for one of the most anticipated Big Ten regular-season games of the season. By the fourth quarter, when Michigan State built a 27-3 lead on a wet night with temperatures in the 40s, more bleachers were visible than bodies.

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio and a few Spartans players said they noticed the evaporating crowd during the fourth quarter. The noise decreased, they said, during Nebraska’s late comeback bid.

“We needed it to be loud there, and it’s a big football game, and it got a little empty there at the end,” Dantonio said Saturday night. The coach didn’t mind a weaker student section in recent home wins over Eastern Michigan and Wyoming. He considered stopping himself short of commenting on Saturday’s crowd, but after a pause decided to say that he, too, was “disappointed” in those who didn’t stick around.

“I appreciate the fans that did stay. The fans that left, that’s just not right,” he said.

Michigan State AD embarrassed by student section – ESPN. Don’t you students get it? You have a moral obligation to buy tickets for college football games, and to stay for the entire game no matter how cold it is or how bored-out-of-your-skull you are.

I tell you, the ethical shambles that is today’s Young Person. Watching live college football — college football paid for by your tuition dollars, whether you like it or not — is not a right! It’s not even a privilege! It’s an obligation.