HTML5 offers a glimpse of the freedom to define the Web publication the way it should have been defined fifteen years ago: as a more functional descendant of the magazine and the broadcast. But it can only do so to the extent that the content management systems upon which publishers have entrusted their livelihoods embrace, incorporate, and advance that vision. This is not a certainty; in fact, I fear it’s not even a likelihood. The CMS of today is a machine that produces blogs — that shapes and forms content to fit in equal-sized nuggets dropped onto a conveyor belt, the length of which constitutes the breadth of their natural lives. It’s about as prepared to embrace the full prospect of HTML5 as government is prepared to embrace ‘change.’ As long as Web publishers continue to rely on today’s CMS to define the nature of their content, they’ll remain stuck in deep space aboard the Starship Buy ‘n’ Large.

If HTML5 Kills the Blog Format, I Won’t Shed a Tear. MAN, do I hope skilled people pay attention to this.