I also told her I thought it was a gift to be forced to choose your priorities, because there is no way in hell you can do everything. When teaching I saw what over-commitment did to the kids, and it wasn’t good. So, whether you just realize you’ve slowed down or you have Fight-Club-like epiphany in oncoming traffic or you find out suddenly find out that you’re going to die, the choice-making will be foisted on you. Yes, even you, numerous and belligerent Gen Y, eventually, and you’ll find out it’s not as easy as you think.

We’re tired, but still hustling; Austin is a haven for Gen-Xers figuring out what they really care about, which I guess is why I ended up here. Everybody has a side hustle, and that’s the beauty of this town, but the real question is how long you can keep up five different side hustles while dealing with hours and hours of real life obligations. Something’s gotta give, eventually. Until it does, we’ll keep on keepin’ on. But we’ll be singing a new anthem, which will probably be “I’m So Tired.”