I feel like shrinking now, I am so embarrassed for what I have done and how many people I offended. I always meant for my work to offend the powerful and give comfort to the weak. Yesterday I did the opposite of that. I, of all people, should know the power of words and the power of social media. In a few minutes of insensitive and sadistic banter meant to childishly provoke a few acquaintances my thoughtless words were seen by many thousands, and hurt many thousands. In addition I have now associated people I know and causes I care about with my own words, which make it seem like I could ever support assault on a woman, or anybody, which I cannot and would not. I have failed and disappointed many people and hurt many people and I am deeply sorry for that and I wish I could convey my apology to them all.

Apologies From Dubai. Nir Rosen: ‘I Feel Like Shrinking Now’ – FishbowlDC.

Rosen’s original comments on Lara Logan’s assault were horrifying, but it is hard to imagine a more complete, unambiguous, straightforward, and self-condemning apology than this. I am struck by it because it is so rare for people to make genuine public apologies, as opposed to indirect self-justifications.