If anyone is the patron saint of modern science – of the whole scientific outlook as we know it – Isaac Newton would surely be that man. As James Gleick writes in his biography of Newton, “He was chief architect of the modern world. He answered the ancient philosophical riddles of light and motion, and he effectively discovered gravity. He showed how to predict the courses of heavenly bodies and so established our place in the cosmos. He made knowledge a thing of substance: quantitative and exact. He established principles, and they are called his laws.” This is the standard narrative about Newton, but it’s not the whole story. As much as today’s scientists celebrate Newton, their reverence is matched by that of a very different group: the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Technology – Alan Jacobs – Why Seventh Day Adventists Revere Isaac Newton – The Atlantic. I put this post up yesterday but I doubt that anyone read it, so here it is again.