I’m now at a point where (as far as I know), all of my online activity is linked to my real name. I’ve taken a whole-person approach to my self-representation online. If you follow me on Twitter or read my posts here, you know a lot about me, my family, my sense of humor, what sports teams I like, what books and movies I like, what gadgets and services I use, who my friends are and who and what I don’t like very much. It’s not Tim @ Wired.com; it’s extremely close to Tim.

At the same time, however, I’m keenly aware that whole-person approach is only possible because Twitter and blogs actively encourage, as a matter of culture, that kind and variety of self-expression. Both Twitter and blogs are and always have been a mélange of individuals and groups, real names and pseudonyms, institutions and inspired parodies, fans and authorities. It’s not a Robert Moses world of central planning and institutional voice; it’s the Jane Jacobs world of organic, prismatic communities, always reshaping and evolving itself.