it turns out …

… that political rhetoric leads to violence only when some people are talking

I might as well put this on record: 

  1. I don’t believe that there is a Second Amendment right to personal gun ownership; that’s a politically motivated reading of the text. 
  2. I’d like to see much stricter gun laws everywhere in America, even here in Texas. 
  3. But stricter gun laws would do nothing at all to reduce the numbers of mass shootings; guns will remain obtainable by people who are willing to break the law, and those who plan to shoot and kill their fellow human beings aren’t worried about that. 
  4. Desperate, twisted, alienated people who want to be heard and heeded are given powerful incentives to murder by our media, including our social media. 
  5. In the aftermath of mass shootings, people shout louder and louder about gun control as a way of distracting themselves and others from the real problem, which is insatiable curiositas