keeping a tidy mind

These are separate questions:

1) Whether Naomi Schaefer Riley should have dismissed as “claptrap” dissertations she hasn’t read;

2) Whether Riley is a racist;

3) Whether the Chronicle of Higher Education should have dumped her from the Brainstorm blog for her post;

4) Whether Black Studies is or is not a bogus/biased/incoherent/politicized field;

5) Whether the Chronicle maintains its self-proclaimed journalistic standards across the political spectrum, or, to put it another, way, whether the Chronicle shows the same respect for Christians and conservatives that it does for people working in Black Studies.

I have only weighed in on the first question. I know that some people think that the others are more important and deserve fuller attention, but you know, that’s life: sometimes people talk more than you’d like them to talk about things you’re not especially interested in. I hate that too.