My correspondent felt that my argument betrayed a failure to understand his generation. ‘I’m a regular social media and in-class arguer against people who are being racist, queer-phobic, etc,’ O’Donnell wrote. ‘I like explaining why it’s bad and trying to change their minds. But it’s exhausting. Sometimes I want to go home and not have to deal with that. When asking for a home, they’re not asking that their every whim be catered to, but that they have one place they don’t have to constantly be on guard. One where they can take a break from the exhausting work of speaking out for what you believe in. Obviously, Yale students and others have overreached, but you should acknowledge the genuine concerns behind what these students are saying.’

A College Is a Community But Cannot Be a Home – The Atlantic. I have just one question for O’Donnell, and it involves those “people who are being racist, queer-phobic, etc” in his classes. Where are they supposed to go at the end of the day, when he doesn’t want to deal with them any more?