One of the biggest complaints about tablets is that they are used to consume, not create. If you give your kid a computer, she can program, write, draw, and endlessly create. Tablets posses a much more unilateral mode of interaction, which can still be awesome — read books! Stream video! Play games! Keep your calendar! Track your baby’s feedings and poops! But some people may still be looking to be creative with their new tablet, specifically, in this case, a Kindle Fire.

Amazon makes it plenty difficult, though. They don’t equip it with Bluetooth, which means no external keyboard. It doesn’t have a camera (whereas the new iPad has two), it only comes with apps from the Amazon App Store, and the storage is capped at 8GB.

But it is possible to turn your Kindle Fire into a tool of creation.

Use the Kindle Fire as a Creative Device – Wired How-To Wiki. Awesome. Can’t wait for the next installment, “How to Turn Your Forehead into a Device for Driving Nails into Boards.”