One of the great questions is: who is this new Data Driven world going to be for and what is it going to look like? People ask if this just for the Davos attendees or for everybody? That’s a question of values and ethics, and that’s why people have to be debating this now, and why I’m talking about this—to start the conversation. But I will say however that all the conversations I’ve been at in Davos have had an extremely strong egalitarian element. Most people are advocates for the poor. Many are people from developing countries—an enormous number, not just a token scattering. There’s a real focus on building a sustainable future, which means one in which there aren’t large chunks of the population left out in the cold. Obviously not everybody is 100 percent devoted to that agenda, but most are.

Reinventing Society In The Wake Of Big Data | Conversation | Edge. I just cannot tell you how encouraged I am to hear that people who come to Davos to talk to each other about how they’re going to build a Data-Driven Society really really really care about the poor. Means the world to me.