Over the course of his 29-bout professional career, Amir Khan has vacillated wildly between clairvoyance and a thudding, dull-headed myopia. He has stood in, ably and eloquently, as the great hope for millions of Muslims, both in England and around the world. He has acted priggish and entitled and has been involved in every sort of motor vehicle trouble, including a 2006 accident that shattered the leg of a pedestrian who would later drink himself to death. His fighting style — aggressive, fast-as-all-hell, but ultimately light-fisted — is strangely reminiscent of a lesser Thomas Pynchon novel, in which the prose sparkles and the plot tunnels itself into unexpected, thrilling spaces, but the characters and the heart of the story never quite make it off the page.

On the surprising fight between Amir Khan and Danny Garcia – Grantland. Actually, no: Khan’s fighting style does not resemble at any point the writing of Thomas Pynchon. In no way, shape, or form is this simile appropriate. This simile is right out. Let’s never let anything like it happen again.