It’s never fun.

And then I can’t even enjoy the food because I don’t want people to judge me for being a food hog.

So it’s awkward and I’m so hungry but at the same time UNhungry because I’m just so awkward.


Story of my life

Of all the lies that ever were … .

IT IS ALWAYS FUN. Why don’t people enjoy meeting new people? Jesus Christ. 

I’m an introvert. I. get. it. I really do. Sometimes when I’m with people I get really grumpy and shut down and wanna go home as fast as possible and be alone (with Twitter). But that’s wrong! Because meeting new people really is fun and cool and awesome! If you just give it a try! If you convince yourself that you won’t have fun (as I sometimes do), you won’t! I can guarantee it. But if you decide to have fun, you will. 

No, PEG. Sorry, but no. I tried for years — for decades. It’s pointlessly stressful, at least for someone of my age. When I have to meet new people, all I can think about is all the cool people I already know that I don’t get enough time with. Every hour spent with a new person is an hour I can’t spend with people I already know, already have some history with, and want to know better. If you don’t have enough friends, if you don’t know many people, then I’m sure meeting new ones is wonderful. But for me, now, meeting new people is an enormous pain. And I bet that most of us would do better to cultivate and strengthen relationships we already have rather than go hunting for new ones.