“Secular, but Feeling a Call to Divinity School,” by Samuel G. Freedman (On Religion column, Oct. 10), identifies an important trend at major seminaries throughout the country. Here at Union Theological Seminary, we see incoming classes that are a third unaffiliated, mirroring national trends.

At Union, however, we have noticed that in addition to our unaffiliated students who are agnostic or atheist, many believe in God but don’t belong to a specific religious organization. They come to ask questions about the meaning of life and to change the world.

Maybe what we see emerging is not a lack of religion but a different kind of religion. Is it perhaps a second reformation?



Union Theological Seminary

New York

Divinity School ‘Nones’ – The New York Times. Different in what ways? And reforming what? In the name of what? And for what purpose?