So why am I not voting for Hillary Clinton?

  • I think she’s seriously afflicted by dishonesty and hubris, and has demonstrated no ability to learn from, or even seriously to acknowledge, her past mistakes;
  • Her longstanding hawkishness, especially in Middle Eastern affairs, is dangerous to the United States and to other countries — and no, I certainly don’t think I can count on her “no ground troops” pledge, not given her history in these matters;
  • Her deep indebtedness to Wall Street means that she’ll take no action to address serious economic injustice;
  • The Democratic Party platform on abortion, which was already more extreme than that of any European country, has grown still more extreme in ways that Clinton enthusiastically supports;
  • A Clinton administration would unquestionably continue — and very probably extend — the Obama administration’s assaults on religious freedom.

In short, I believe Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate whose Presidency would — at this point I should probably say will — be very bad for this country, and if the Republicans had nominated a sane person I would very likely be voting for their Presidential candidate this year for the first time in a long time.