Frank Lloyd Wright, draftsman

In Huxtable’s biography of Wright she often comments on the beauty and precision of his pencil sketches: all his professional life he started his days by sharpening, with a knife, his colored pencils. These are from Time.

biblipeacayPablo Picasso etching for poetry book by Robert Desnos: ‘Contrée’, R. Godet, Paris, 1944 (B. 362; Ba. 689; C. books 39)the complete set of one etching, hors-texte, title, text in French, table of contents and justification, on Lafuma pur fil.  [source]


Medieval John Lennon

This familiar-looking face features in a Latin grammar book from the 15th century. The schoolbook includes entertaining scenes that encourage students in the challenging task of learning Latin. I like this image – and not just for its early depiction of a pair of glasses. It appeals to me because I imagine looking at a medieval portrait of John Lennon. It is not often that an image from a distant past connects so vividly to a modern – familiar – face. I wonder what the medieval student who used this book thought of this portrait. I fear that without the positive connection of Lennon this is merely a squinty-eyed, somewhat sour-looking person. Or worse: the student’s Latin teacher.

Pic: Uppsala, University Library, C 678. Image taken from this blog on the book, which provides additional images.