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for the record

First time I’ve seen anything like this in my eight years in central Texas, and I strongly suspect that if I live here the rest of my life I won’t see anything like it again. (Photos cropped but not filtered or otherwise edited.)

Walking around in my neighborhood I keep hearing, from down in the arroyo, the gunshot crack of snow-burdened branches breaking.

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I may be some time

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This thing is going crazy

fifteen years ago

Teri took this picture of Wes and me on our visit here
This is where we were headed (photo by me)

after the storm

We had a massive thunderstorm around 3 this morning: crashing thunder, torrential rain, and lightning that was nearly constant for an hour, almost like a strobe light on the walls of my bedroom. This morning everything looks washed clean: the sky is the bluest of blues and the trees all vibrant in their greenness.


more things happening

things happening in my yard


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welcome to my classroom

Stonehenge 1947

Cri 000000183840

Bill Brandt. Warren Ellis posted this somewhere. 




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My beloved is in Prague right now and the evidence suggests that it is hard to take a bad photo there. 



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The Queen and the Duke

Monk’s specs

If you’re ever tempted to think you’re cool, just remember that Theolonious Sphere Monk was wearing those specs in 1947.

Monk and crew

one person here understands what Easter is all about

Mikhail Svetlov / Getty

tallgrass prairie

Bluestem grassland, Chase County, Kansas, 31 October, 1979. Photograph by Terry Evans. Click image for story.

a clash of cultures in London

Bridging Home, London, 2018 © Do Ho Suh

it me

eye massager

This eye massager from the Wellcome Collection looks like something out of Harry Potter