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My beloved is in Prague right now and the evidence suggests that it is hard to take a bad photo there. 

Monk’s specs

If you’re ever tempted to think you’re cool, just remember that Theolonious Sphere Monk was wearing those specs in 1947.

Bruce Chatwin at Sotheby’s

For me, his great gift – on the page and in person – was visual generosity. He made you see different things and look at things differently. It was not works of art in galleries that interested him so much as objects, particularly those from which a story could be extracted. On the wall of his attic room in Albany, the apartment block in Piccadilly, was the king of Hawaii’s bedsheet: apricot-coloured, patterned with a shoal of jumping fish, looking like a Matisse. Chatwin had turned up at Christie’s on his bike to buy it in the 1960s. In the small Eaton Place flat designed by John Pawson – pleated like origami to hide his books – he hung pictures he had made by cutting coloured drawings from the catalogue of a broom manufacturer: rows of pinky-red-and-white toothbrushes, elegant and comic. In all his houses, he kept a prayer inscribed in Latin by the artist-poet David Jones: “May the blessed Archangel Michael defend us in battle lest we perish in the terrible judgment.” When he fell ill he took it with him in and out of hospitals.

Susannah Clapp

bonitavista: La Valletta, Malta (photo via baiba)

Robert Iwrin’s Dawn to Dusk, in Marfa, Texas


Spectators at the Wall of Respect, Chicago. Photograph by Robert Sengstacke (1967)


‘Cylindrus’ by
Dennis Ramos

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and a primatologist named Antje Engelhardt are demanding that a San Francisco federal court declare a macaque monkey named Naruto the rights holder of a few famous selfies the monkey allegedly took in the Tangkoko Reserve on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2011. The monkey, the named plaintiff in the case, is suing a publisher and David Slater, the British nature photographer whose camera was swiped by an ape while the photographer was on a jungle shoot. Slater has published a book with the pictures the monkey took of himself, and the monkey is seeking damages for copyright infringement.

The construction noise almost drove me out of my mind, but in the end they did a nice job.

Unsexy Halloween costumes, via Matt Novak and John Clifford on Twitter


A man herds sheep with the help of his collies in Scotland, 1919. Photograph by William Reed, National Geographic Creative

For Michaelmas: Jacob Epstein, St Michael’s Victory over the Devil (1958), Coventry Cathedral

eastmanhouseMain Street, Saratoga Springs, Original photographer: Walker Evans, 1931

gelatin silver print
Image: 20.6 x 16.4 cm
Overall: 25 x 20.1 cm
National Origin: United States

nemfrog: Firefighers practice a rescue, 1913

Mies van der Rohe, Friedrichstrasse Skyscraper project; Berlin, 1921-2, opaque version of photomontage; here


Men blast granite to build tunnels for a hydroelectric project in Australia, 1963. Photograph by Robert B. Goodman, National Geographic Creative


The ghosts of surveillance.