The Flight 93 Election

I do not understand why this essay is getting the play it’s getting. It simply recycles every cliché of the Trumpite right.

  • Acknowledging that Trump is “imperfect” and then declining to discuss the magnitude of his flaws? Check.
  • Insisting that Trump has “great strengths” without defining any of them? Check.
  • Affirming that Trump holds “the right stances on the right issues — immigration, trade, and war” without acknowledging that his “stances” on all those issues change more-or-less daily? Check.
  • Claiming that conservatives who oppose Trump just want to keep their inside-the-Beltway Georgetown-cocktail-party status (defined here as taking a paycheck to play for the Washington Generals against the Democratic Globetrotters)?
  • Equating success with wisdom — for now, anyway, until Trump loses? Check.
  • Ranting a lot about death (“death is certain,” “a civilization that wants to die”) and howling that Trump Is Life, without ever explaining or even hinting at what these metaphors mean? Check and double-check.

It’s an utterly vacuous, substance-free, rhetorically unimaginative but ceaselessly flailing rant. In short, precisely what we’ve come to expect from Trump and his celebrants. So what’s there to talk about?