I gotta say, Rod is right: The Guardian has published a guide to conservative websites that … I mean, seriously, I have no words for this.

Let’s put the matter gently: Jason Wilson has a five-minutes-of-googling level of knowledge on the topic that one of the most influential newspapers in the world has paid him to write about. No: that’s too kind. It’s a two-minutes-of-googling level of knowledge, which means, of course, a two-minutes-of-googling level of comical misunderstanding and hence misinformation. Having Jason Wilson write about conservative websites is like having me write about string theory or rocket-engine repair. His ignorance is vaster than empires, wider than God’s mercy, comprehensive as Wikipedia. I know that times are hard for journalists and would-be journalists, but jeez, Jason: Aren’t there some topics that basic human dignity requires one to refuse?

And hey, editors of the Guardian: Have you no shame? No, really, are you impervious to embarrassment? For heaven’s sake, just save yourself the trouble. Confess that you don’t know who conservatives are or what they think or why they think it and (to conclude) you don’t plan to find out, and then move cheerfully on to things that really matter to your readers, like hygge. Nothing is better than Wilson’s “guide.” No, I mean it: you’d do better to publish nothing on conservatism that publish such an absurdly misinformed overstuffed sack of dumbass.