The kind of people adult, white, middle-class, liberal-artsy types hate the most are other adult, white, middle-class, liberal-artsy types. And that is what animates Slate, that annoyance. It’s partially self hatred and partially the hatred of those who resemble you in many ways but who, in your own mind, fall far short of your own standards. I’m not suggesting that that’s a ridiculous attitude; we all feel some version of these feelings, and unless you’re of the opinion that all people are equal in temperament and character, they can be rational. But I am saying that satisfying this desire, to grind away the resentment of the digitally-inclined creative (or “creative”) bourgeois, is the real ethos of Slate. The contrarianism is a means, not an end; cheesing off other AWMCLATs will often involve defying the conventional wisdom in a kind of showy way.