The main vector for the execution of Zuckerberg’s vision is Facebook’s platform strategy. Summed-up again by David Kirkpatrick: ‘Facebook’s long term strategic plan is to become submerged below the surface of the internet, providing the crucial identity and social graph layer which enables all of us to bring a social component to whatever we might be doing. With over one million websites using the Facebook Open Graph API in some fashion, the company is making steady progress on this path. [Zuckerberg’s intent] is to build a critical portion of the evolving internet, in the form of the identity matrix which, he hopes, will reside at the core of the net, offering social functions in conjunction to whatever we do, on and off the internet. I think we can all agree that a social graph at the core of the web is a valuable thing. It’s hard to agree who ought to run it, however. Facebook is the only entity making an effort to do so.’