The restoration mind-set of the next Christians is similar to that of the early Christians lived. Both are consumed with loving their neighbors, serving their communities, being good citizens, and sharing the ‘good news’ of Jesus. This way of being Christian dominated during the first 300 years of the church’s existence, which was not-so-coincidentally a time of great expansion for the faith.

Next generation of Christians will return to roots, author says.

A very comforting picture from Gabe Lyons. Unfortunately, it leaves out the fact that however “good” the early Christians were as citizens, they refused to worship the Roman gods and therefore frequently ended up as targets of brutal persecution. I’d like to hear more from Lyons about the costs of discipleship.

I’d also like to know what he thinks other Christians — the ones the “restoration mind-set” is distinguishing itself from — are failing to do. Are they poor citizens? Do they not love their neighbors?