There are intimations of the abyss: wars and rumors of war, our television and our politics, the expression that’s always on Donald Trump’s face, the lack of expression that’s always on Calista Gingrich’s face. There is, honestly, just Donald Trump in general and Calista Gingrich in general. There is a mad, ravenous vanity loose in our land and everywhere a thundering babyish will not to know, and we have the vicious and vastly small culture to prove it. Which is to say that these can seem to be bleak times, at least if you do something like idly read the news while watching a football game on television.

Our Holiday Gift | The Classical Editor: As an introductory paragraph to a post about watching sports during the holidays, this is … I don’t know, rather too restrained, I think. Can’t you be more portentous, man? Can’t you ratchet up the rhetoric a notch or two? This needs more about “the abyss.” Also more adjectives, and strong ones: you have mad, ravenous, thunderous, babyish, vicious — and it takes you a whole sentence to use those. That all you got, man? Come on, you gotta bring it. So much is at stake.