There is no greater dishonor when reflecting on the death of a young journalist than by referring to them as “aspiring.” It happened on Monday when news broke that Armando ‘Mando’ Montaño, a 22-year-old recent graduate of Grinnell College and intern with the Associated Press in Mexico City, was found dead in an elevator shaft. Word of his death rocked social networks and prompted friends to write tributes to him that went viral in minutes.

Armondo Montano: AP Intern Who Died in Mexico Had Promising Career | TIME Ideas | Really? “No greater dishonor”? People who use the word “aspiring” to describe a tragically-dead 22-year-old are perpetrating some unforgivable insult?

My dad used to say of some pointlessly talkative person, “He just talks to hear his head rattle.” I think some people just type to hear their brains rattle.