Things I Hate about Tumblr

A partial list:

  1. Tumblr Radar on the Dashboard
  2. Recommended Blogs on the Dashboard
  3. Occasional promoted content on the website
  4. Constant promoted content on the iOS app
  5. When I try to post something using the Tumblr bookmarklet on Chrome, I can’t resize the posting window: when I drag it to the size I want, it instantly resizes itself
  6. Once I get something posted, instead of a simple confirmation message I get an outrageously, violently animated image of celebration, complete with falling confetti and a leaping avatar, as though I’ve just won the lottery
  7. Significantly inconsistent posting behavior among (a) the website, (b) the iOS app, © the share-sheet in iOS — for instance, the iOS app doesn’t recognize Markdown

I just don’t know whether I can put up with this crap any more. There’s so much of it.