Thoughts Occasioned by My Staying Home to Crank Through These Papers Because They Simply Have to Be Returned Today

“Just one more cup of coffee to get me fortified.”

“Yes, I posted on the demise of TNR last night, but I think there’s something else I need to get off my chest.”

“Of course, it would be irresponsible to add to the already-voluminous commentary on this subject without first reading much of that voluminous commentary, just in case someone has anticipated my idea.”

“How long has it been since that dog was brushed?”

“If I grade these on the iPad instead of the Mac I’ll be able to lie down while grading.”

“That stylus — where’s my stylus?”

“Not really the best stylus in the world. I wonder if there are some new models I should check out?”

“Did Teri take Malcolm for a walk this morning? Poor guy. He looks like he needs a walk.”

“I probably can’t concentrate because I’m lounging around in sweatpants, as though I’m about to go to sleep. I need to change into some proper clothes.”

“I need coffee.”

“Isn’t there an app with Aeropress recipes?”

“Goodness, this refrigerator needs a very thorough cleaning and reorganization.”

“All this would be a lot easier if I were wearing a really comfy pair of sweatpants.”

Rolling Stone posted what??