To offer underinformed speculation, one wonders if Facebook faces the same dynamic as Craigslist: users might be turning to more specialized services that do a better job at narrower social media functions, hence Mark Zuckerberg’s unilateral decision to purchase Instagram, a start-up that may well have proven a formidable threat to one of the core functions of Facebook that accounts for so much of it’s stickiness, i.e., obsessively clicking through the photographs of friends and acquaintances. Twitter, of course, has a flourished as a vehicle for status updates, and indeed it has enabled the rise of the gourmet food truck business model, among many other things.

The Meaning of Peak Facebook – By Reihan Salam – The Agenda – National Review Online. “Among many other things, yes, but none of them as important as the rise of the gourmet food truck business model. IMO.