Some lines from a Daily Beast story about Breitbart’s support for Trump:

  • “Never f*** with Breitbart. Ever.”
  • “If a guy comes after our audience … we’re going to leave a mark. We’re not shy about it at all. We’ve got some lads that like to mix it up.”
  • “It was a planned deployment…. After I criticized Breitbart and criticized Trump, they decided they were going to weaponize themselves and go after me.”
  • “If there’s one guy on earth I wouldn’t f*** with, it’s a guy who builds AR-15’s as a hobby.”
  • “They’re the kind of people who, if you accidentally brushed against their shopping cart in the supermarket, their response is to burn down your house.”

These dudes auditioning for roles in Gangs of New York: 2016 or something? And do the female chimps really like this sort of thing?