When I feel I am not performing up to my capabilities at work, I review a list of quote [sic] for inspiration.

Op/ed by Paul Tudor Jones endorsing Sullivan’s ouster | The Hook – Charlottesville’s weekly newspaper, news magazine

Billionaire and UVA donor Paul Jones, arguing that Jefferson would have endorsed the palace coup against Teresa Sullivan because “Jefferson was a change agent.”

This whole fiasco has resulted in a delightful reshuffling of ideological factions. The forces of “progress” and “dynamism,” represented here by a vapid hedge fund manager and his cronies, are up against the defenders of “incremental change” and institutional durability.

I want to rush to the barricades with all the lefty professors and chant things like “What do we want? Organic, incremental change! When do we want it? Steadily distributed across a prudently long time horizon!”

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