All partisan logic is precisely the same:

Strategy 1: Practice deflection by whataboutism. When somebody points out that your side has done something bad, change the subject by saying “but what about…”

Strategy 2: Do your very best to ignore any evidence that your side has behaved badly.

Strategy 3: When forced to confront that your side has behaved badly, argue that such behavior is highly uncharacteristic of your side, but absolutely, indeed almost universally, characteristic of the other side.

Strategy 4: Treat your own emotional intensity as a mark of the righteousness of your cause and the seriousness of your devotion to it, while denouncing people who are equally emotional in the wrong cause as hysterical whining pearl-clutching babies.

Strategy 5: Never fact-check any Facebook post, tweet, or news story that serves your political narrative. Instead, spread it to as many of your fellow partisans as you can, in the secure knowledge that they won’t fact-check it either. Conversely, factcheck the shit out of anything from your opponents, and if you can’t actually disprove it just reply with “lol.”