One: I only wish this had happened when I was in London last week: those snooty waiters at those posh restaurants would have fallen at my feet when I waved American currency before them.

Two: Chris Hayes gives us the tweet of the century (in more ways than one):


Three: Since Plato’s Republic, rational political planners have lamented and sneered at and railed against humans’ tendency to have strong local, familial, and communal ties, and weak ties to larger and more abstract entities. But the planners have never taken those preferences seriously, or tried seriously to persuade those who don’t already share their understanding of what counts as rational. They have always blamed the rubes and rednecks for their lack of sophistication, and that will continue in this moment. The one certainty is that no one in Brussels will say: Man, we really screwed this up.

Four: Europe now consists of Germany and a set of its client states.

Five: The functional language of the EU is a bizarre variant of English sometimes called Brussels English. With Brexit, will English gradually be deprecated within the corridors of the EU headquarters? Seems unlikely, but that would be a curious development. Perhaps Esperanto’s day has come at last.

Six: Love means never having to say you’re sorry:

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Seven: Watch this (preferably with the bombastic music turned low) and remember that Europe is more than the EU — and that some things of beauty will remain even when the EU has long since passed away:

Byzantine – BigFly from on Vimeo.